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Creative Video Cards

Latest innovation in presentation cards

Bring your cards to life

Stand out from competitors

Video presentation business cards and brochures that display high definition videos. Show your company, your products or services inside a video card.

Fully customizable with offset printing in a multitude of different formats. TFT LCD screen of various sizes with flash memory where you can store digital information that can be downloaded into your computer via USB. Video plays when the viewer opens the card.

Enhance your traditional printed promotional cards and brochures with a video message.

A unique way to promote yourself and your business in a small screen.

Multiple uses: personal / business cards, launching new products, company presentations, product promotion, company show-reels, product brochures, tourism or even personal greetings, wedding invitations...

  • First impression counts.

    Impress with a video that plays when you open the card.

    "A video is worth a thousand words"

    Vídeo-Box Phone calls

    Vídeo-Box Reel

Video Box gadget

  • Video Card Dortoka

    Video brochure Ingesta

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