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360 degrees Panoramic videos – Company leader in Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona, Lleida, Palma

Latest 360 degrees video tech.

Enjoy the experience
of 360 degrees videos.

Videos shot with multicamera to watch all around you and be virtually in the middle of the action.

We produce interactive 360 degrees videos on request for all business sectors (tourism, events, sports...)
Allow your clients an incredible look into your company and make them feel as if they had the camera in their hands.

You need to tap and drag to look around.

Check these examples

360 degrees high resolution videos

We use the new Insta360 Pro 8K 360 degree VR, the latest technology to create high quality 360 videos

¿Where you can see the 360 degrees video?

360 Degrees Drone Video

We have the latest technology to record videos 360 degrees from the air. Our Drones have the main improvements to film any kind of interactive videos in flight.

360 Degrees 3D Video

Our team has more than 16 years' experience in creating 3D environments. The new technologies along with all our background and knowledge have help us to develop into interactive 360 degrees, in a perfect evolution.

Producció i muntatges d'esdeveniments immersius 360 VR

· The best way to introduce your 360 videos.
· Total immersion
· Domes between 6 and 10 meters.

360 Audio

Spatial Audio is a powerful tool that you can use to control user attention. You can present sounds from any direction to draw a listener's attention and give them cues on where to look next.

But most importantly, Spatial Audio is essential for providing a believable VR experience. When VR users detect a mismatch between their senses, the illusion of being in another world breaks down.

360 Virtual Reality
for Architecture and Public Works

A virtual 3D technology with 360 degree visualization is used, it is done using virtual glasses of professional range at a resolution of 4K.

We are innovative in the use of immersive Virtual Reality in citizen participation.

It offers the possibility of doing a virtual immersion from the reproduction of a virtual 360 video with the different options of the intervention project with a totally real vision.

This way, it is possible to recreate and visualize the project in a way that is understandable for citizens, without any technical complications or need for knowledge of interpretation of plans (topographical, sections ...).

Virtual Reality Cardboard

Virtual reality is one of the most promising technologies that exist today. Photos and videos in 360 degrees, 3D games, simulators ... The best way to enjoy is to feel you are inside, and therefore need the best tools.

Virtual reality customizable cardboards. Allow to use your mobile to display games, movies and 3D applications developed specifically for them.

Mobile Apps

Thanks to Augmented Reality (AR) apps, users can enter in different environments and enjoy amazing experiences without moving from home.

app AR

  • 360 degrees Video
    Port of Barcelona

    360 degrees Video
    Sagrada Família

    360 degrees Video
    Caser Seguros

  • 360 degrees Video
    Terrasa devils

    360 degrees Video
    Mila's House

    360 degrees Video
    Barcelona Marathon 2016

  • 360 degrees Video
    Terrasa Churches

    360 degrees Video
    Nativity 2015

    360 degrees Video
    Palma de Mallorca Cathedral

  • 360 degrees Video
    Cervantes & Prats promotions

    360 degrees Video
    Sánchez-Casal Academy

    360 degrees Video

  • 360 degrees Video
    Body percussion

    360 degrees Video
    Super's party summary

    360 degrees Video

  • 360 degrees Video

    360 degrees Video
    Super's party

    360 degrees Video

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