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Infographics - Render 3D - VR 3D 360 3D Simulators - Barcelona

"The best way to predict the future is to design it" Buckminster Fuller

Render 3D, VR & 360 degrees

We visualize in 3D, VR (Virtual Reality) and 360º, projects of architecture, engineering, civil works, interior design, promotions. We have technology that allows us to model 3D in detail, to recreate spaces that surprise your customers, submerging them in an interactive environment and the possibility of living space in the first person, using the most advanced techniques.

Our team is made up of professionals with more than 16 years of experience in the sector: architects, 3D designers, engineers, graphic designers, programmers ... allowing us to offer a broad, competitive and professional service to your projects.

We work on the model to show the result in all viewing formats:
This versatility allows us to act in various fields, such as design, engineering, architecture and industrial facilities.

Ver Renders 3D

Video Render 360 Degrees

We produce 360 degree 3D or real image videos from a recording with 6-8 cameras. All types of outdoor and indoor rendering at 4K. Exact representations of all your architectural and design projects.

3D Virtual Simulators

We offer a 360 degree view of your projects in video with virtual tours, special effects techniques, 3D integration in videos with moving drones and drone, allowing you to live in an interactive environment through Virtual Reality glasses.

Aplicaciones prácticas de los Simuladores VR

Vídeo con varios ejemplos de simuladores existentes y sus aplicaciones prácticas.

360 Degree Drone Video

We have the latest technology for 360 degree videos from the air. Our Drones are prepared with the best innovations to be able to shoot any type of interactive video at the heart of the flight.

Virtual Reality Cardboards

Virtual reality is one of the most promising technologies that exist today. Photos and videos in 360 degrees, 3D games, simulators ... The best way to enjoy is to be able to feel inside and that is why the best tools are needed.

Promotional virtual glasses, customizable cardboard promotions. They allow to use the mobile to visualize games, movies and applications in 3D specifically developed by them.

Mobile Apps

Thanks to Augmented Reality (AR) apps, users can enter in different environments and enjoy amazing experiences without moving from home.

app AR

  • Realistic Renders

    At Dortoka we create all kinds of 3D models from planimetry in different formats and we collaborate on projects ranging from urban planning, construction, infrastructure, product and events.

    "The imagination made reality"

    Simulador Virtual | Citizen participation

    Simulador Virtual | Real estate promotion

    Simulador Virtual | Urban reform

  • Neinor Homes - Pintor Alsamora | Video Render 3D

    Ernest Nieto - Urbanització | Render

    Naturlandia - Restaurant | Render

  • Neinor Homes - Diagonal - Promotion | 3D Render

    Neinor Homes - Europa - Promotion | 3D Render

    Neinor Homes - Sant Just Desvern | 3D Render

  • Metropolitan House - Residencial Almeda | 360º

    Neinor Homes - Sant Cugat | 3D Render

    Metropolitan House - Nova Cornellá

  • Metropolitan House - Residencial Almeda

    Metropolitan House - Nova Cornellá | 360º

    Ibist - Disseny industrial | Render

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