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Professional Drone filming & photography

"If we let our dreams fly, we are capable of anything" Brian Selznick

A different point of view

Video production aerial shooting. Remote control aerial filming with high resolution cameras.

Fully trained Drone pilots. Qualified and fully insured with public liability and strictly adhered to guidelines and safety procedures.

  • Footage from 5cm to 120m (maximum distance allowed by law).
  • Traveling shots.
  • New angles.
  • Perspectives and different speeds.
  • Above and inside buildings.
  • Live footage from the aerial platform to any screen.
  • Raw footage or edited video.
  • High resolution still aerial pictures.

Anything you might need or dream in the most amazing way.

Fully edited video with music, graphic identity and copy by professionals with more than 20 years experience and the latest software technology. Construction photographic tracking through timelapse, video and photographic. Buildings and structures pathologies's control

We are located in the area of Barcelona, but we fly our Drones anywhere you need.

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What is a thermal camera?

A thermal imaging camera installed in a DRONE is a CCD device capable of detecting the near infrared electromagnetic spectrum. Instead of the range of 450-750 nanometers these cameras can operate with wavelengths as long as 14,000 nm (14 μm).

We give these services in Barcelona - Madrid - Palma - Girona - Tarragona - Lleida

dortoka fotografía drone

Example of a power lines inspection

dortoka fotografía dronedortoka fotografía drone

Video 360 degrees Drone

We have the latest technology to record videos 360 from the air. Our Drones have the main improvements to film any kind of interactive videos in flight.

Drone Broadcasting – 4K Live Streaming

Trough the latest innovations, we have the necessary technology to be able to make live broadcasts from the view of our drone. The images are emitted at a resolution of 4k and 50fps.

Photogrammetry with drones, drone thermographic inspections - 3D terrain models

Photogrammetry with DRONE is the technique that allows reconstructions of terrains to create 3D models and measurements from aerial images. The main objective of these works with DRONES is to convert bidimiensional data (flat images) into cartographic / three-dimensional information.

We give these services in Barcelona - Madrid - Palma - Girona - Tarragona - Lleida

Photogrammetry with drones and 3D models

Inspection, pathologies and work monitoring

  • Amazing Drone footage

    Reports, events (cultural, sports and leisure, both for company and individuals), photographic follow-up restoration of buildings, pathologies, cinema, advertising, TV. Work tracking, photogrammetry, creation of 3D terrain models, inspection of structures and buildings.

    "Beyond your limits"

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